The NEW Kate Morgan brings you a whole new approach to weight loss

NEW Kate Morgan brings you the best of a “meal replacement shake” weight loss program and a “meals” based weight loss program. We provide the shakes, and provide you with the guidelines to make your own meals to match a carefully defined nutritional meal plan. We provide you with recipes, a way to build up your weekly meal plan and a shopping list. You shop and cook yourself so the meals cost no more than your standard supermarket food. Scroll down to see how it all works.

Starter Pack only $104

Get underway quickly with a Starter Pack. This  pack contains 40 shakes and comes with a free shaker and free delivery.

Starter Pack contains: 7 Chocolate, 7 Berry, 7 Vanilla, 7 Banana, 6 Butterscotch and 6 Pine-Lime shakes, plus a free shaker



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Drink one Kate Morgan shake for breakfast
You drink one Kate Morgan shake for breakfast. Kates' special weight loss formula is filling, tasty and contains all the nutrition you need to last you through to lunchtime. You buy the shakes direct from our online shop.
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Drink one Kate Morgan shake and eat a salad for lunch

For lunch you drink a second Kate Morgan shake and also eat a salad. You buy the shakes direct from our online shop and you can plan your own salads using Kate Morgan salad recipes and online meal planner.
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Eat a healthy dinner

Kate Morgan provides you with a selection of easy to prepare recipes for meals with around 500 calories per serve. Just select which meals you would like, add them to your meals list and add them to your shopping list. You can print out you shopping list or reference it in the supermarket on your phone. Feel free to have a play with the Kate Morgan meal planner
Build your meal plan


Healthy Snacks
As well as breakfast, lunch and dinner you can eat some snack items each day as well. You can eat an apple twice a day and also eat a range of other other controlled items shown in the snack list. Snack List

How it works

The meal selector allows you to choose a range of meals that appeal to you. They have a variety of protein types, flavours, preparation times and costs. Just hit the “+” key to add a meal to make up a plan for your weekly meals  (in fact as many days or weeks as you like). All the meals are tasty, easy to make and meet the nutritional guidelines of the Kate Morgan program that assist you to lose weight quickly. And the rest of the family will love them too.

Once you select your meals you can save them to a meal plans. You can name the plans, add or remove meals from them and make as many plans as you like. You can save them to use again later too.

At any time you can access the detailed recipes of the meals in your plan. The recipes provide you with all the ingredients as well as the instructions on how to make the meals

As well as a summary of all the ingredients you can create a shopping list from the ingredients you need in your plans. You can add or subtract from the shopping list and take it with you when you go shopping. Or print it out.

Tell us how you’re finding the recipes and the new program.

Send us a photo of you with a finished Kate Morgan meal, a 30 word comment about why you love the recipes and program, and written permission to use your submission on our website. If we use your submission we’ll send you a weeks worth of shakes for FREE

Anne from Auckland

“I made the chicken quiche. It helps me lose weight but the family all enjoyed it too. The new Kate Morgan program is certainly working for me”

Caroline from Byron Bay

“Some of the recipes are really simple, but some are quite complex. I love the variety. But my favorite is the chicken curry. Really tasty but only 10 minutes to prepare”

Megan from Sydney

“My favorite recipe is the shepherds pie. It’s got a cauliflower crust and tastes amazing. I’m working my way through all of the recipes”

Doug from Balwyn

“The whole meal plan idea works really well for me. I can cook ok if you give me a recipe, but I’m always running out of ideas. Thank you Kate Morgan for making this so simple”