1. Weight loss is an attitude
I know you’ve heard it said a thousand times, but losing weight is more about your attitude than the physical process. If you reduce your calories you will lose weight. It’s physically impossible not to. But you do need to get your head in the right space to be able to cope with fewer calories. You need to persuade yourself that the end result is worth the effort. Be honest with yourself about why you want to lose weight; for your health, to be more attractive, to get more energy, to wear amazing clothes. You don’t have to tell others, but be honest with yourself. I have been in the weight loss industry for many years now and I have never heard one person who has reached their healthy body weight say that the end result wasn’t worth the effort. Not one. Everybody who reaches his or her healthy weight thinks it was worth the effort, and I doubt that you’re going to be the first exception. It’s always worth it.

2. Hunger doesn’t last, and it comes and goes
Be very clear, hunger is the enemy of weight loss. Be it physical, psychological, who cares. It’s the short-term burning desire to eat that overrides the longer-term desire to lose weight. But remember hunger comes and goes and hunger subsides within a few days. Within any day the fact that you are hungry now doesn’t mean you will be in an hour’s time. But more importantly, although the first few days or even the first week can be tough, it gets much easier. So many people give up on weight loss when all they really need to do is hang tight for a couple more days and it all gets much easier. Learn to push out confronting hunger and you’ll find that the problem of being hungry resolves itself.

3. Sugar, salt and fat
Salt, sugar and fat aren’t just bad for us. They are also the components of food that cause hunger. Get them out of your life. In the short term food without them tastes a bit bland, but that is short-lived. Your taste adjusts very quickly to enjoy food that you would previously have called “bland”. But the most important reason to get rid of them is because they make you hungry, and hunger is the enemy of weight loss.

4. What others think doesn’t really matter
Weight loss is a personal issue. These days we are so into “team” and “group” and “collaboration” that we sort of feel that others should help us with this mission too. I’m sorry, they can’t. It’s up to you. Dig deep. Having a supportive friend or partner is nice, but you can’t let it matter, and having people who don’t support your efforts likewise doesn’t matter. It’s not about them. It’s all about you. Do it yourself.

5. Clean out the pantry
Yes, I know you’ve been told this before too, but it’s true. Get rid of temptation. No biscuits, no jam. If you can’t get over the waste of throwing it in the bin, then give it to somebody else. No snack foods. No chips. When the fridge looks mainly green and fresh you’re looking good. And let’s be honest, the pantry will be mainly empty. And don’t get too concerned about the family. It won’t do them any harm either. If they need carbs, then brown seedy bread and oats can help. Get rid of the sugary cereals too. And you will need to learn how to cook again. There are literally millions of tasty, healthy meals online these days. No excuses. And remember, herbs are your friends.

6. Vegies are the best snack
Stir-fry some vegetables, (no oil), add herbs and to taste and put them in a plastic container in the fridge. When you get hungry, that’s your snack. As much as you like. Healthy, nutritious, tasty, filling, low calories. Perfect.

7. Sauces and oils are evil
Check out the number of calories in you favourite salad dressing or your cooking oil. Most are terrible. Learn to evaluate “satisfaction per calorie”. Cooking oil is the worst. Lots of calories and almost no satisfaction, what a waste. Most salad dressings are not much better. But there are plenty of zero calorie dressings on the supermarket shelves. Only have those ones.

8. The first week is the hardest, by far
This is a bit of a repeat, but people who successfully lose weight are no different from you. Yes, it’s hard for the first few days, or even longer, but the worse case scenario is that it will be hard for a week. After a week hunger has largely gone and it takes very little will-power to stick to your eating plan. So when you are despairing at day 3, and deciding that it’s really not worth it, and you’re just doomed to be overweight forever, remind yourself that’s not true. You just need to stay focused and in a couple of days it will come right by itself. Hunger will disappear.

9. Nobody is too far gone
I hear from a lot of people who weigh around 120kg and think they can’t get back to their healthy weight. Up until then it feels possible but there is something magical about 120kg that makes people lose hope. Well. That’s just not true. We can all get back from any weight and even if you’re 150kg, it’s just the first few days that are hard. Hunger subsides. It might take longer to get back from 150kg, but it’s no harder.

10. Food is a fuel, not an entertainment occasion
Over the last 20 years food consumption has gone from being a means of keeping the body going to becoming a social event. Every event with friends and family has become a time to consume food and alcohol. In fact many families have lost the ability to get together and enjoy each other’s company without food and alcohol. Give it a try. Have an occasion with friends or the family, but instead of having food play some games, do some exercise, go to the beach. Enjoy something together that doesn’t involve food and alcohol.

11. Buy smaller plates
The average dinner plate has grown in size enormously over the last 20 years. A great way to reduce portion sizes is just to buy smaller plates. We tend to fill a plate up, no matter how big it is. So just buy smaller plates.

12. No alcohol
Alcohol plays a much bigger part in today’s society than it used to. For many it has gone from being a special treat to a regular “food group”. Get rid of alcohol. It does you no good from a weight perspective, or any other perspective. And contrary to rumours, it’s not just the mixers that are bad; it’s the alcohol itself that carries most of the calories.

13. Shakes are a very effective way to lose weight
Shakes seem to come and go in popularity as a means of losing weight. But there are plenty of studies that show that shakes are the most effect means of losing weight for most people. Shakes are specifically designed to make you feel as full as possible for the number of calories they contain and they carry the micronutrients that are required when you drop your calorie intake. Dropping the calories without the supplements contained in the shakes could leave your health exposed. So forget whether shakes are “hot or not” at the moment; they’re a very effective way to lose weight. If you’d like to learn more about the Kate Morgan programs and eating plans just follow THIS LINK. The standard plan is the best plan for most people.

14. All exercise is good
If you are currently doing no exercise, then you need to start moving. If you are a “non-exerciser”, like most of us, then exercise is just no fun at all. It is unsatisfying and awful, and afterwards you just feel nothing, except perhaps some sore bits. Have you noticed however that people who do regular exercise love every minute and afterwards they feel energised and on top of the world. The difference is endorphins; little things that are created by doing exercise, that are floating around in their blood system given them a “high”. The bad news is that you probably won’t get any for the first 6 weeks that you exercise. So, be patient, don’t push yourself. Don’t go too hard and just lower your expectations. You will end up feeling good from exercise, but certainly not straight away. The key to exercise is to start slowly, 20 minutes of light to moderate effort to start with. Don’t go so hard that you lose interest. If you can get to a level where you ‘Puff and Sweat’, however, that would be great.

15. It’s worth it
To go back to point number one. I have never met one person who has reached they healthy body weight goal who has said it was not worth it. It just is!